Dave Gick inducted into ISRA’s Hall of Fame.

At the City of Auckland Championships held at the Henderson Miniature Motor Racing Club last weekend, the Chairman of the International Slot Racers Association (ISRA), Chris Radisich presented Dave Gick his ISRA Hall of Fame plaque. Dave was officially inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2017 ISRA World Championships in Sulmona, Italy this year.

Both Dave Gick and Chris Radisich started their slot car racing careers as teenagers at the Henderson Miniature Motor Racing Club, as Dave was not at the presentations in Italy Chris thought it would be appropriate to present it to him at the club that it all began at, the photos were taken in front of the cabinet that holds a lot of the international trophies and cars that Dave won over the years and are on display at his home club.

The past and present members of the Henderson Miniature Motor Racing Club & all of NZSCA would like to congratulate Dave on being one of the first to be inducted into the ISRA Hall of Fame.

Click here to see Dave’s hall of fame page on the ISRA website.